Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Great Luminous Landscape 2006 State-of-The-Art Shootout

by Chris Sanderson, Michael Reichmann, Charles Cramer, Bill Atkinson @ Luminous Landscape

In March of 2006 I purchased a Phase One P45 medium format back in Hasselblad H mount. This was an upgrade from a P25 back – 22 Megapixels to 39 Megapixels, among other improvements. My friend Bill Atkinson also upgraded from a P25 to a P45 at the same time, and Charles Cramer simultaniously purchased his own P45, his first digital back, after shooting 4X5" film for the past 30 years.

The three of us decided to inaugurate our new gear with a shoot together in the redwoods of Northern California, but not before adding my friend and frequent shooting companion Kevin Raber, who happens to be the VP of Marketing for Phase One in the US. A description of that shoot, and some photographs from it can be found in Counting Ants, an essay on shooting with a view camera and the P45 back.


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