Friday, June 09, 2006

The Digital Journalist

The June issue of the Digital Journalist has been posted, featuring new work by Burke Uzzle and Peter Turnley.

"Renowned photographer and TDJ contributor Peter Turnley has for the past two years been commissioned to produce major photo essays for Harper's magazine. Harper's has given him carte blanche to seek out stories around the world. Peter has used this privilege well. He does not go after hard news per se, but rather produces essays that probe the contradictions of our complex world in the early 21st century. Peter has assembled excerpts from seven of his Harper's photo essays for this month's cover story. Claude Cookman, one of America's top scholars of 20th-century photography, provides an introduction to this rare and remarkable collaboration between a gifted, humanist photographer and an enlightened publication committed to the all-but-lost tradition of pure, long-form photo essays.

In this age of bumper-sticker patriotism in the U.S., it's refreshing to find a more perceptive and profound patriotism on view in Burk Uzzle's latest book, A Family Named Spot. We are pleased to offer it as our second feature this month. Through his ever-quirky, always-intriguing vision, Burk shares some of the eccentricities and idiosyncrasies that make this country great, indeed unique. Executive Editor Peter Howe writes of Burk's back-roads America in his introduction: "The stuff he finds is an America of unashamed individualists, often oppressed, but always surviving with a dignity that he relishes. He reveals their rugged characteristics through multiple layers that he leaves the viewer to peel back, one after the other." Dirck Halstead, Editor

The Digital Journalist

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