Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back from Vacation

Well, I made it back, but what an ordeal. I awoke Thursday morning to Sky News broadcasting the "failed terror plot" details from Heathrow and wondered if my flight back on Friday was a no go. I walked down to the nearest internet point and went to BA.com. The flight was still scheduled to leave on time tommorrow at 1:00 pm. Got up at 7:30am and got on the tube, then Heatrow Express, the airport was thick with travelers. My primary concern was my camera. I inquired with a BAA official as to whether I could hand the camera over to a steward or someone for the flight, unfortunately, no. Not having anticipated any of this I came across with a soft sided bag, and now I had to send the camera in this bag into the hold of the plane. The bag was already stuffed with clothing and goodies from Italy. I pulled some clothing out and transferred it to the shoulder pack stuffed with wine, wrapped the camera up in clothes and placed in in the center of the bag and prayed for the best, there was no other option. Much to my surprize everything came through fine, but I was racked with nerves the whole flight.

And life goes on....

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