Thursday, August 30, 2007

Imaging heavy hitters join Adobe

From John Nack's blog:

A number of rock stars from the world of image science have recently joined Adobe:

That crazy-cool image resizing demo I mentioned last week continues to get all kinds of attention. I was therefore happy to learn that co-creator Shai Avidan joined the Adobe office in Newton, MA (just down the 'pike from MIT) last Monday.

Wojciech Matusik began work at Adobe in May. He's done some really cool work in the emerging fields of multi-aperture photography, 3D TV, and much more. Like Shai, he works from the Newton office.

Sylvain Paris is due to join Adobe in a couple of weeks. He's worked on techniques for matching tones across photos ("Make my image pop like Ansel's"), generating 3D data from 2D captures, and more. His paper on bilateral filtering was written with MIT colleagues Jiawen Chen (who interned this summer at Adobe) and Fredo Durand.


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