Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Candid Camera

The cult of Leica.

by Anthony Lane @ The New Yorker

Fifty miles north o Frankfurt lies th small German town o Solms. Turn off the mai thoroughfare and yo find yourself drivin down tranquil suburba streets, with detache houses set back from th road, and, on a war morning in late August not a soul in sight Nobody does bourgeoi solidity like th Germans: you ca imagine coming here fo coffee and cakes wit your aunt, but that woul be the limit o excitement. By the tim you reach Oskar-Barnack-Strasse, th town has almost petere out; just before the railway line, however, there is clutch of industrial buildings, with a red dot on the sig outside. As far as fanfare is concerned, that’s about it But here is the place to go, if you want to find the mos beautiful mechanical objects in the world.


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