Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Walker Evans: image problem

@ the Telegraph

As a photographer and documenter of the Great Depression, Walker Evans showed immense compassion, humanity and heart. But as a husband, he was shallow, selfish and heartless. In this extract from her revealing new autobiography, his ex-wife Isabelle Storey tells all

Isabelle Storey was 25 in 1958 when she moved to New York with her husband, Alec von Steiger. While he was away working on location, she met Walker Evans, 30 years her senior.

Ursula opened the apartment door and I glanced at the slender, grey-haired man reclining on the sofa. His face was in a cloud of cigarette smoke and he seemed to pay no attention to Plush, who ran across the room and jumped up into my arms. Ursula, herself not much taller than Plush, tried to calm the poodle down and led her towards the sofa.


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