Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Someone call Karl Marx

The explosion in digital technology has taken us beyond home entertainment. We've entered a new age of mass communications that would make Marshall McLuhan's head spin. The medium is not just the message, it's the messenger. The new medium is you.

To borrow a bit of branding from Apple, the company that has tried to trademark the lower-case vertical pronoun, you could call it the iRevolution. Its icons are the iPod and the cellphone. They're not home computers but body computers, fashion accessories that now want to be cameras, TVs and radios. The iPod has become a sex symbol of self-expression, a hi-tech fetish that's helped us see the media as something to be individually programmed. With a computer and high-speed Internet, anyone can be a mini media mogul -- producer, director, editor, recording artist, deejay, veejay, journalist, porn star. In the jungle gym of digital data, we're all double-jointed.

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