Friday, July 14, 2006

Face Detection Technology

Here's a new one.

From the Spec page:
"The new S6000fd digital still camera is the first Fujifilm FinePix product to feature Face Detection, a new technology designed to significantly improve your picture taking by identifying human subjects' faces in the frame (up to 10 faces) and in real time, determining the optimal focus and exposure settings for the absolute best results possible in any shooting conditions. Behind Fujifilm's Face Detection technology is a newly developed LSI chip combined with patented software that allows the FinePix S6000fd digital still camera to reach a level of performance in digital photography never before possible."
*Available in September 2006

Talk about "point and shoot"! Image stabilization, facial recognition, intelligent flash, dual shot mode, who needs a human? Things are getting somewhat surreal these days.....

FujiFilm Spec page

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