Thursday, July 06, 2006

Non Photography day?


Interesting concept. I have often asked students that bring in images of beautiful sunsets, do they convey more than the act of being there? There are plenty of times in which I have put down the camera because I knew the moment had much more power than the image of it. Sometimes it's just a Zen thing.

"Non- photography day is an effort on my part to revive the moment by putting down the camera. It is a day to think about how life exists, in essence and not appearance and to understand the inadequacy of the photograph in describing this essence, to bring awareness of the perils of living through the view finder or the display screen…"

I like it.

‘The thing is there before our eyes, for it refuses to be ignored; but when we endeavour to grasp it within our own hands in order to examine it more closely or systematically, it eludes us and we lose it’s track’

D.T Suzuki- Essays in Zen Buddhism

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