Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Imaging Sensors That Can Do It In The Dark

By Terry Sullivan @ PC Magazine
LAS VEGAS—At this year's CES show, the Korean company Planet82 Inc., which produces a number of nanotechnology products, have been promoting a new type of sensor that can capture images with almost no visible light. By combining features of CCD and CMOS sensor—two of the most commonly produced forms of imaging sensors—the company claims that its single carrier modulation photo detector, or SMPD, sensor functions as an artificial eye by applying silicon photodiode technology and connecting it to nanotechnology. In doing so, it's able to distinguish images in the dark, without a flash. The names of two of the most recently manufactured chips are the PLP-2033B and PLC-3033C.



davidsaffir said...

is there any indication about noise in long exposures?

David Saffir

David Emerick said...

No mention that I see, although a good question. I think it is still in a development stage, we will see....